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Dear Parents/Guardians
I hope that you and your whole family are very well and that you will have the chance to spend some time together over the half-term holiday. Our term has been busy, but also very enjoyable.
Studying during the holidays

Some parents have asked for guidance about pupils working during the half-term holiday. Those in Year 11 should now be getting into their own rhythm and there should certainly be some independent study during the week at home, other commitments permitting – a total of 10-15 hours in manageable 2-3 hour bursts (and at least 4 days with no school work at all) would be great.

Year 10 pupils come straight back to their exams and they will want to do as well as they can. A structured programme of revision will be very helpful, with timings similar to those described for Year 11. It is vital that pupils in both year groups also enjoy time with families and friends, time for exercise and hobbies, and plenty of sleep!

Younger pupils will be set homework in the week before half-term in the normal way, but there should be nothing that must be done during the week itself. Keeping on top of things in the week before and after should allow for a complete break during the actual holiday.

Some pupils are tempted to work too much and others too little. These guidelines are intended to help everyone achieve well, while keeping competing demands in proportion. If you have any questions or worries about your son/daughter’s approach to independent study, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Building works

If you live very close to the school, you may have heard that we are planning some building work. We will be using the proceeds from the sale of the Boarding House to pay for a new classroom block, to be located just behind the Gym. There will also be re-conditioned tennis courts and some extra car parking spaces if all goes according to plan.

We need extra rooms because we have reduced the average size of classes, moving from 11 in each year group to 12. We have enough teachers to do this (just) but not enough rooms – your son/daughter may have reported that some of their lessons take place in unexpected places at the moment! We hope that building work will start later this year, with a grand opening before Christmas 2018.


Spring Concert

You are warmly invited to our Spring Concert on Monday 27 March at 7pm in the School Hall. The programme will feature our orchestras, choirs, instrumental ensembles, steel drums, soloists and duets.

Tickets can be purchased via your son/daughter from the Box Office, located in the Music corridor at lunchtimes, from Monday 13 March, priced at £4 each. Even if your child is not performing, you and your family will be very welcome – the standard of music is always very high and one leaves feeling better about the world!

Rehearsals for pupils performing in the concert take place on Friday 24 and Monday 27 March.
KSA Comedy Night

Our next big social event takes place on Friday 17 March! Our wonderful Kings’ School Association are running a second Comedy Night. Last year’s was really excellent – I personally thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it will sell out quite fast, so do please move quickly if you would like to join us. You can read more details here.

On the subject of the KSA, I am delighted to say that we reached our fundraising target of £10,000 and so have been able to support the exciting new Enterprise Suite, right in the heart of the school. This has been a joint project with commercial partners Landscape and Hewlett Packard and the result is a state-of-the-art facility. I am really grateful to all the parents who put in so many hours of work to make this project possible.

The KSA will now turn their attention to raising funds for our proposed regeneration of the school quad area. We intend to work with the School Council to provide new seating, facilities and developing a ‘marketplace’ atmosphere.

You can help support the KSA by joining us at the fabulous events they run and bringing your friends along too.


Internet Safety

Mr Small, our ICT Co-ordinator, writes: “Computer games consoles at home can offer young people a vast range of interactive, fun and engaging activities that they can share with family and friends but we have had some feedback from parents regarding their son/daughter’s use of their games consoles at home; some parents are becoming concerned about the amount of time their child spends on such a device.

One very useful website is ‘UK Safer Internet Centre’ – they aim to “provide important information to young people, parents and carers about practical ways in which they can stay safe when online. The following article highlights what parents can do to help keep their child safe, as many gaming devices offer parental controls to help manage how young people use them, but these do need to be set up and can be difficult for some. The article covers a variety of games consoles and the practicalities of setting up parental controls. I hope you find the article useful.”
BEE & Microbits

The micro.bit is a small programmable device that needs just a USB connection and a web browser to get started and there is no software to install. The BBC has provided all pupils in Year 8 with a micro.bit and they have recently been distributed in BEE lessons. By using ‘block programming’, pupils could remotely control a camera or media player, send sensor triggered alerts or create a text message notification system, for example.

Although lesson time has been devoted to it, it would be fantastic if pupils could experiment with them at home and perhaps further their interest by attending STEM club after school on a Wednesday with Mrs Germain, who is currently running a competition. Although pupils have been told to take them home there will be further opportunities later on in the year to use them in school so we would like them to be kept safe! Further details can be found here:

Mini Museum

Mrs Miles writes “The Library has recently purchased a lovely glass-fronted display cabinet to serve as a “mini museum” for Kings’ School. Currently, we have a display of old head masters’ log books which are proving popular with our pupils who are fascinated by the meticulous handwriting and seemingly mundane daily observations. An entry from this month in 1948 noted that all the outside toilets were frozen up. So much for the good old days!

If you attended Montgomery of Alamein School, Danemark School or Kings’ in its earlier days,  perhaps you have an old photograph, report card, or something else of interest you’d like to share with us. Precious items can be scanned if you’d prefer that. In the first instance please contact Mrs Miles at the school by phone or email. Thank you.

And while I have your attention, please look carefully at home to see if you have any school library books as we have rather too many overdue books at the moment.”


Litter-free lunches

As you probably know, we are trying to encourage our pupils to enjoy and to cherish their environment. We are not bad, when it comes to litter, but we want to be even better. If your daughter/son brings a packed lunch, do please help us by minimising the amount of disposable packaging that comes with it – re-usable bottles are better than disposable ones and plastic boxes are better than plastic bags.

I am sad to report that Mr Tim Cooper, our long-standing and much-loved Catering Manager, has retired. During a career at the school lasting two full decades, he arrived every day well before 5am, never took a day off and prepared several million meals. We are all really sad that he’s going; knowing him to be a huge fan of Cliff Richard, we sent him off with a slightly adapted version of “If You Walked Away”…
Mr Ian Wooldridge has stepped into Tim’s shoes. He has already met with the School Council and he has all sorts of exciting ideas.


Alumni news
Please find attached the first of what we plan will be termly newsletters to ex-pupils attached to this letter. If you are related to or know any ex-pupils (of any age) please forward it to them and encourage them to let us have their contact details either via this link or via the Alumni link on our website.

As I wrote last time, we have the contact details of approximately 300 relatively recent leavers; we would like to expand this database to include everyone who was ever a pupil here.

Those who provide us with contact details can expect:

  • Occasional news from the school
  • Invitations to events and reunions
  • Potentially, the chance to come back to speak to current pupils

We promise not to pass their details on to anyone else; we also promise not to inundate them with messages.


School Escorts Wanted

 We have just received this from Hampshire County Concil who are currently recruiting for more School Escorts across all areas of Hampshire
‘We are looking for people who are interested in a rewarding role working with special educational needs children, part time and term time only with availability between the hours of 07.30-09.30 and 14.30-16.30. There is no driving involved, and casual hours are offered initially with the potential to progress to permanent work if desired.

We currently have a recruitment campaign live on Facebook, linking to the latest job vacancy which is due to close on 21 February 2017. This is likely to be the kind of role which appeals to parents, carers, grandparents or school staff looking for additional work at the beginning and end of day.

We would be grateful if you could circulate and share, with your school community, the link below to the Facebook campaign, which also links into the vacancy for those that wish to apply.
Sports news

It has been a busy and successful half-term. An innovation for this year has been “Team of the Week“. Early winners have been the U16 Boys Hockey team, who secured the award following a superb 6-2 win over Bryanston. This triumph was followed by the U14 Girls Netball team (for their regional tournament exploits, of which more below) and then the U16 Boys Football team, who overcame their arch rivals Salesians College to reach the U16 Hampshire Cup semi-final.

Other notable achievements include that of the U16 Girls Badminton team, who pitted themselves against the best sides in Hampshire at the County championships and achieved a very respectable third place, and also that of the U14 Boys Hockey team. Mr Birch writes: “Since their time at school they have endured a 20-plus game losing streak, having never even drawn and only scoring 3 goals. They finally won 4-0 vs Perins on Friday, a team who hammered them 9-0 two years ago. In the pouring rain and howling wind this bunch of gritty fighting gents celebrated as if they’d won the World cup. And that’s why I became a PE teacher.”

Miss Thorpe writes: On Saturday 28 January Kings’ School U14 netball team competed in the Regional netball finals at Wayvell School in Farnborough. This was as a result of their success in the County netball finals in October, where they went through as one of the top two representative teams from the Hampshire district. The U14s made a superb start to the Regional competition, winning their first four games. They then had a very tightly fought game against Brighton College which they drew. Following lunch they lost to The Marist School and then won their final game of the day against St Helen’s and St Katherine’s. Unfortunately, their fight for a top two place into the semi-finals came down to the draw with Brighton College. All of the girls played phenomenally well throughout all stages of the competition, and lots of lessons were learnt.

The team is extremely confident that next season the girls will be able to better their impressive performances of this year, and hopefully make the National finals at U16 level.”

While it is not really a sport as such, Debating is certainly highly competitive. Our relatively new Debating Society has entered teams in the Oxford Union Society and Cambridge Union Society events this term. Up against a large number of sixth-formers from some very expensive private schools, Tommy Kelly, Maddi Elmitt, Oliver Cook, Jude Wilkinson, James Locker and Leo Buckley acquitted themselves with distinction in both.

Other results:

Team Opponents Fixture Type Result Player of the Game
Hampshire Schools Cross Country South East Region Counties South East Region Championships 13th Inter boys Sam Turner
Hampshire Schools Cross Country South East Region Counties South East Region Championships 45th Junior Girls Ashling Dunne
Hampshire Schools Cross Country South East Region Counties South East Region Championships 66th Junior Boys Doug Scally
U14 Boys Football Test Valley District Cup Won 7-0 Seb Gibson
U14 Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Won 4-0 Zoe Lavers
U16 Girls Hockey Godolphin Friendly Lost 0-1 Hannah Grimes
U13 girls rugby Perins League (w) 7-3 Holly Chamberlain
U15 girls rugby Perins League (w) 3-2 Katie Lewis
U14A netball Romsey League (w) 22-2 Maddie Newcombe
U16A netball Romsey League (w) 18-7 Abi Ashthorpe
U13A netball Godolphin Friendly (w) 16-7 Charlotte Rankine
U13B netball Godolphin Friendly (L) 4-1 Caitlin Williams
U14A netball Godolphin Friendly (W) 38-3 Maddie & Sarah Kettley
U14B netball Godolphin Friendly (W) 17-15 Emma Griffin
U13  girls rugby Mountbatten League (w) 9-2 Erin Clubley
U14 netball Westgate League Won 16-7 Charlotte Rankine
U15 Girls Rugby Perins League Won 15 – 10 Katie Lewis
U15 Boys Rugby HCS ¼ Final of Hampshire Plate Drew 19 – 19 Cain Williams
U12b Boys Rugby Cantell League Lost Oscar Twiggs Wetherell
U14 Girls basketball Westgate League Won 28 – 10 Maddie Newcombe
U13 Boys Hockey Portsmouth Grammar School Hampshire Cup Tournament Drew 1-1 Max Wedderburn
U13 Boys Hockey Durlston Court School Hampshire Cup Tournament Lost 1-0 Joe Cook
U13 Boys Hockey Forres Sandle Manor Hampshire Cup Tournament Lost 5-0 Oli Gage
U13 Boys Hockey Perins Hampshire Cup Tournament Won 6-0 Nick Ellis
U13 Boys Hockey PGS Hampshire Cup Tournament Lost 3-1 Will Hart
U15B football Perins Friendly Won 3-2 Freddie Doswell
U12 Boys Hockey Perins Friendly Drew 1-1 Tom Talks
U16 Boys Football Toynbee District Cup Won 3-1 Oscar Stack
U16 Boys Football Salesians County Cup Won 2-1 Alfie Trodd
U15 Rugby St Georges League Lost 19 – 12 Cain Williams
U12 B Team Rugby Toynbee League Lost Will Duxbury
U12 Girls King Alfred National Cup Won 4-1 Scarlett Grig
U12A netball Mountbatten League Won 31-0 Isis Ayling
U13A netball Mountbatten League Lost 10-12 Charlotte Rankine
U14A netball Mountbatten League Won 29-1 Skye Ayling
U16A netball Mountbatten League Won 19-4 Astrid Williams
U13 girls rugby St Georges League Lost 5-3 Evie Griffin
U14A netball St Helen’s Regionals Won 7-5 Sarah Kettley
U14A netball Cowes High Regionals Won 18-0 Grace Wilson
U14A netball Beaconsfield High Regionals Won 8-5 Ella Chainey
U14A netball Aylesbury High Regionals Won 11-6 Skye Ayling
U14A netball Brighton College Regionals Drew 5-5 Maddie Newcombe
U14A netball The Marist Regionals Lost 10-4 Orla Reed
U14A netball St Katherines Regionals Won 6-5 Ella Popowicz
U14C netball Perins Friendly Won 6-5 Elouise Hart
U14D netball Perins Friendly Drew 3-3 Laura Cheney
U14 GIRLS BASKETBALL St George League Won 52 – 5 Georgia Taylor
U13 Boys A Hockey Forres Sandle Manor Friendly Lost 10-1 Joe Cook
U13 Boys B Hockey Forres Sandle Manor Friendly Lost 5-0 Max Wedderburn
U14 Boys Hockey Bryanston Friendly Lost 2-0 Ed Menlove
U14 Boys Hockey Portsmouth Grammar School Hampshire County Tournament Lost 3-0 Oliver Raisbeck
U14 Boys Hockey King Edward VI Hampshire County Tournament Lost 6-0 Will Hart
U14 Boys Hockey Churchers College Hampshire County Tournament Lost 3-0 Thomas Popowicz
U14 Boys Hockey Lord Wandsworth College Hampshire County Tournament Lost 3-0 Oliver Bryan
U14 Boys Hockey Perins Hampshire County Tournament Lost 2-1 Will Strevens
U16 Boys Hockey King Edward VI Hampshire County Tournament Lost 6-1 John Mark Jeffcott Calzado
U16 Boys Hockey Portsouth Grammar School Hampshire County Tournament Lost 1-0 Harry Trussler
U13 Boys Hockey Bryanston U14 Bs Friendly Drew 3-3 Dylan Peck
U14 Boys Hockey Perins Friendly Won 4-0 Kieron Champion
U16 Girls Badminton Newport IOW Hampshire Championships Won 3-2 Milly Lawrence
U16 Girls Badminton Romsey Hampshire Championships Won 5-0 Charlotte Burville
U16 Girls Badminton Robert Mays Hampshire Championships Lost 5-0 Zoe Williams
U16 Girls Badminton Westgate Hampshire Championships Lost 5-0 Harriet Greatrix
U16 Boys Hockey Bedales U18 Friendly Won 3-2 Zac Caldwell
U16 Boys Hockey Bryanston Friendly Won 6-2 Ollie Green
U13 Boys Hockey Perins Friendly Won 8-0 Dylan Peck
U14 Boys Football John Hanson Hampshire Cup 1/4 Final Drew 2-2 AET, Lost 4-2 on Peanlties Oli Raisbeck
U16 Girls Football Romsey Hampshire Cup 1/4 Final Won 4-3 Suhalah Jones
U14 Girls Hockey Godolphin Friendly Lost 4-0 Elspeth French
U12A netball Toynbee League Won 11-5 Mimi Chainey
U13A netball Toynbee League Won 15-0 Charlotte Rankine
U14A netball Toynbee League Won 26-2 Charlotte Rankine
U16A netball Toynbee League Won 21-11 Abi Ashthorpe
U14 Girls Hockey Godolphin Friendly Lost 1-4 Flora Williams
U15 Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Won 5-1 Lucy Priestly
U12a Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Won 11-1 Nia Davies
U12b Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Won 5-4 Phoebe Greatrix
U15 Boys Football Perins Friendly Won 4-0 Dan Foley
Cross Country Team Various District county champs Sam Turner: 5th Sam Turner
      Douglas Scally: 12th  
      Aisling Dunne: 6th  
U13 Girls Football Perins District League 10-0 Katie White
U14 Boys Basketball Noadswood Hampshire Cup 1/2 Final Won 48-32 Romar Pendara

Have a super half-term!

Important dates

Wednesday 15 February – Parents’ Evening 5-8pm

Monday 20 February – Half term

Wednesday 1 March – Year 10 Exams begin

Tuesday 14 March – Spanish Exchange Information Evening

Wednesday 22 March – Whole School Photographs

Friday 24 March – Year 7 Interim Reports

Monday 27 March – Spring Concert 7-9.30pm

Thursday 30 March – Parents’ Evening 5-8pm

Yours faithfully

Matthew Leeming