7th January 2019 Year 9 Exams

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we all approach the excitement of the Christmas holidays, I am writing to communicate the details of the Year 9 Examinations which pupils will be starting week beginning Monday 7th January 2019. I hope to clarify the arrangements for the examinations and help to alleviate any pupil anxiety, ensure timely preparation and promote a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for all.

The majority of the examinations will be undertaken in the pupils’ regular teaching groups, during normal timetabled lessons in the usual classroom setting; they will start from Tuesday 8th January. English and Science examinations will, however, be undertaken in the Sports Hall to help prepare pupils for future examination experiences; these exams will take place on Wednesday 9th January. Any examinations missed will be taken during the timetabled lessons over the following week.

In preparation for the examinations, teaching staff will be providing revision guidance during lessons and homework and giving information about the topics that pupils will be required to revise. Mr Leeming has spoken to all pupils during Year 9 Assembly and has given advice and guidance on sensible revision expectations over the Christmas break. We have advised the following:

 2-3 hours for core subjects; 1 hour for each non-core subject; equating to 15-20 hours over the Christmas break.

I do hope you find this information helpful. Please let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Please click here to view the presentation,

Yours faithfully,

Miss S Clarkson & Mr E Owusu

Year 9 Team