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Kings’ has close links with YMCA Winchester, who- as part of the Fairthorne Group- run re:fresh, the hugely successful youth café in the Broadway opposite Abbey Gardens (see below for more details).

Within the school, YMCA provide professional youth workers offering a range of support services for pupils.

One-To-One and Group support

The YMCA workers support pupils referred through the ‘Welfare Team’ within school.  This includes those affected by a range of issues including family relationships, bereavement, divorce, drugs and alcohol, anger and a range behavioural and social issues. Pupils can come and develop coping mechanisms and receive emotional support. They are given an opportunity to reflect on their actions, whilst talking about the deeper issues behind their attitudes and actions.

Personal Social and Health Education

YMCA delivers a 1 hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Session to every pupil in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 throughout the academic school year, in addition to a whole Year 11 assembly. The sessions are age appropriate and the information builds on the previous year’s sessions.

Information and activities include exploring alcohol risks and effects (using the ‘drunk and dangerous’ glasses), measuring alcohol units (using water and drink glasses), physical and social effects of smoking (using smoking health pictures and a jar or tar), Class A, B and C drugs (using an extensive drugs box and DVD clips), legal highs and in Year 10 and 11 – how to keep yourself safe and less vulnerable if choosing to drink alcohol.

YMCA also offer PSHE sessions covering other subjects.

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