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Citizenship & PSHEE


Assessment Descriptors

Key Concept

Democracy and Justice

Rights and responsibilities

Identities and Diversity: living together in the UK

Key Processes:
Critical thinking and enquiry

Advocacy and representation

Taking informed and responsible action

Citizenship includes learning about:
Human Rights    Role of the Law     Justice system
Parliament    Democracy  Freedom of speech     Media
War   Conflict   Community    Tax    Diversity   Culture
Identity    European Union    United Nations   Commonwealth
Global Politics   Elections    Voting   Responsibilities   Migration

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education

Personal Wellbeing (PW)

Key Concepts:
Personal Identities, Healthy Lifestyles, Risk, Relationships, Diversity

Key Processes:
Critical Reflection, Decision-making and Managing Risk, Developing Relationships and Working with others

Personal wellbeing includes learning about:
Families, Body image, Health issues, Media, Emotional & Mental health, Lifestyle choices, Risk, Health and Safety, First Aid, Positive relationships,
Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Sexual Health, Puberty, Role of parents/carers
Parenting skills    Change   Diversity    Bullying   Discrimination  Prejudice

Economic wellbeing and Financial Capability (EWFC)

Key Concepts:

Career, Capability, Risk, Economic Understanding

Key Processes:
Self-development, Exploration, Enterprise, Financial capability

EWFC includes learning about:
Types of work, Work roles, Changing employment, Personal review, Planning, Transferrable skills, Interview techniques, CV writing, Personal budgeting,   Risk & reward, Management, Social & moral dilemmas, UK, EU & global changes