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KS4 Mathematics

In Key Stage 4, the present Year 10 pupils are following the new GCSE curriculum. This new GCSE includes extended content to the present GCSE and will be tested over 3 terminal examinations for the first time in June of their Year 11. Pupils study from the FOUNDATION tier (grades 1-5) or HIGHER tier (grades 4-9).

The pupils follow a spiral curriculum based on units of work from the Edexcel Oxford University Press material, the digital version of which can be found on The Kerboodle website contains links to other web based resources to help the student consolidate their learning outside the classroom. During the course the students will be given opportunities to develop their skill in applying their knowledge to problem solving and practical tasks Pupils are set by performance in each of the three bands.

Pupil are assessed at the end of each unit in order to demonstrate their progress and receive feedback for further learning using the end of unit feedback sheets that are stuck into their exercise books.

Mathematics GCSE Course Content Foundation

Mathematics GCSE Course Content Higher