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KS3 Mathematics

The new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum, which started in Sept 2014, gave the Department the opportunity to redesign its curriculum structure from a spiral model to that of a ‘mastery’ approach.  This means that our KS3 pupils are taught topics for longer and in more depth, allowing them to extend their learning as far as they are able to and build their long term memory for future learning. During the course the pupils will be given many opportunities to develop their skill in applying their knowledge to problem solving and practical tasks. Using the new ‘MymMaths’ Oxford University Press materials, the pupils are able to access the textbook and other resources via the Kerboodle website. The Kerboodle website contains links to other web based resources to help the student consolidate their learning outside the classroom.

When it comes to setting, to enable pupils to be even more aspirational, each band is split into two pairs of hierarchical parallel mixed ability sets. Pupils are assessed at the end of each unit, providing opportunities to demonstrate their progress and receive feedback for further learning. Please take a look at the KS3 Subject Assessment Descriptors for a comprehensive list of topics. This table will highlight those topics that we expect all pupils to have knowledge of to those topics that we aspire pupils to gain understanding in via the mastery approach.