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GCSE OCR Additional Science

Exam Board – OCR Gateway Science  (2011 spec)

Core Science is part of a 2 year course consisting of GCSEs in Science (Year 10) and Additional Science (Year 11). Both GCSEs are examined at two levels: Higher Tier (targeting grades A* – C) and Foundation Tier (targeting grades C – G).  The grades awarded for each course can be different.

Core Additional Science includes two externally marked exams which are both taken in the May/June of Year 11:

B3C3P3          75 minutes       35% of final grade
B4C4P4          90 minutes       40% of final grade

These are the topics covered:

Internal School Assessments


25% of final grade – assessment completed in lessons.

The controlled assessment unit requires the completion of one assessment task, divided into three sections linked into an overall theme. The three sections are:

  1. Researching and collecting secondary data;
  2. Planning and collecting primary data through a practical investigation;
  3. Analysis and evaluation of their primary data, practical methods and research in order to draw and justify a conclusion.

The controlled assessment