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KS3 Science (Years 7–9)

We offer a range of opportunities here at Kings’ for KS3 Science covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Our aim is to build on pupils’ scientific skills and understanding gained during KS2.

We do this through:

  • practical investigations
  • using scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena
  • providing a safe learning environment
  • using the process of scientific enquiry
  • encouraging discussions and teamwork.

In Year 7 pupils have one teacher who teaches the three sciences between them while in Years 8 and 9 pupils have three teachers allowing them to study a wider range of topics.

Science Assessment Descriptors

Course Content:

The topics that we cover in KS3 are:

Monitoring and Assessment:

Pupil progress is monitored through both ‘Independent Skills’ Levels and ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ Levels. These assess different aspects of the course with ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ generally being assessed by tests and ‘Independent Skills’ assessing the pupils’ key scientific skills (including carrying out risk assessments, planning experiments, collecting reliable results, drawing results tables, drawing graphs and coming to scientific conclusions).

During each topic there are opportunities for staff to assess pupils’ ‘Independent Skills’ as well as a formal assessment which will come in the form of a test to assess their ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ Level.

Science Clinic:

We also offer our Science Clinic to KS3 pupils.  This runs weekly, and provides fun hands-on opportunities, for pupils to get enthused and excited about science.

Year 7 Maths & Science Evening Presentation