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Child Development

Child Development is a GCSE option for pupils at Kings’.  We follow the AQA syllabus and pupils study the following areas:

  • Parenthood (The family, Planning for a family, Preparing for the baby and Provision of a safe environment).
  • Pregnancy (Reproduction, Pre-conceptual care, Pregnancy, Preparation for the birth, Labour and birth, Newborn baby and postnatal care).
  • Diet, health and care of the child (A healthy diet, Feeding a baby, Weaning, Feeding the young, Food related problems, Child care and Child health).
  • Development of the child (Development – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social, Learning and play).
  • Support for the parent and child (Types of support available, Child care provision, Educational and developmental provision).

Pupils will complete two pieces of Controlled Assessment, one in Year 10 (a research task worth 20%) and the other in Year 11 (a Child Study worth 40%).  They will then complete an exam at the end of Year 11 (worth 40% of the final grade).

During the course pupils will have the opportunity to visit a local nursery and local primary school.  They will also have the option of taking one of our virtual babies home for the weekend to experience first-hand how demanding a new baby can be!

Pupils who opt for this course need to have an interest in children.  It would suit pupils who are interested in a career as paediatricians, doctors, nurses, childcare supervisors, teachers etc. Pupils must have good attendance as 60% of the course is Controlled Assessment which takes place in lessons.