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Dance uses movement symbolically as a fundamental form of human expression. It is both empowering and powerful as a form of non-verbal communication. The intrinsic value of dance is the development of creative, imaginative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacities. . We welcome students of any ability and experience. However, dancers are encouraged to develop their previous dance experience within the two-year course. Many students will bring some previous experience of dance to the course.
This experience may be formal training in dance classes, or students may bring skills acquired in devising and performing dance in more informal, social contexts. GCSE candidates may perform in and choreograph work in any style of their choice, provided it allows them to access the full range of assessment criteria.


The course will enable pupils to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of dance as choreographer, performer and critic through:
• applying and adapting a wide range of skills and techniques effectively in performing and choreographing dance, including the ability to improve

• creating dances for a range of purposes and in response to different stimuli
• developing the ability to analyse, evaluate and appreciate dance.
Candidates will also appreciate the contribution of dance to their personal and social health, fitness and wellbeing and be aware of the range of opportunities and pathways available in dance.