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This is a rich and diverse course that highlights the critical importance of Geography for understanding the world and stimulating interest in places. It will inspire students to become global citizens by exploring their place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people and to the environment. It adopts a traditional approach covering all the key ideas and debates such as climate change, globalisation, economic progress, urban regeneration and management of world resources.
Topics include natural hazards, physical landscapes, ecosystems, how human activities shape towns
and cities, the effects of global industries on different countries and the challenge of managing energy
This course will include two separate fieldwork days linked to the third examination as well as a decision making exercise based on a pre-release topic in March of the examination year.

Geography Revisons Sessions 2016

Geography Courses of Study

AQA GCSE Geography Specification A

Assessed with two examinations of 90 minutes each (37.5 % each paper) and a controlled assessment based on urban fieldwork around the Winchester area (25%).

Topics covered in the examinations are:

1.       The Restless Earth

2.       Coasts

3.       Urbanisation

4.       Population

5.       Rivers

6.       Development