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Health & Social Care

Who should be considering this course?

Anyone who is interested in:
– Health and Social Care
– The care of people i.e. nursing
– The work of social care
– Looking at all aspects of what makes a person healthy
– A job working with or around young children i.e. nursery nursing.
What do we expect?

Excellent attendance is essential because of the coursework commitment.
A willingness to carry out tasks outside of school time.
A willingness to work as a member of a team.
A good standard of English.
Double award deserves double effort.

What can you expect?
A double GCSE.
Learning key skills such as presentations, interpretations, calculations, research, problem solving, learning about health and social care.
A variety of tasks involving visitors and hands on learning.
This exciting course provides pupils with the opportunity to understand health and social care within the community as well as for individuals.
Through a more applied approach to learning pupils will not only increase their knowledge and awareness of how health and social care organisations operate but will also develop skills that will be of use to them in any line of work.
Please note that due to the vocational nature of this course the number of places will be limited.

The examination board is AQA.
This is a double GCSE course, so pupils will be awarded 2 GCSE grades.
The assessment is divided into 4 parts:

Unit 1–  Understanding Personal Development and Relationships
Stages of physical growth and intellectual/social/emotional development.

External Assessment – 20% of the double GCSE – An examination lasting 1 hr 15 mins.
Unit 2 –  Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision.                                                                                                                          Needs of client groups, access and barriers to provision, work roles.
Controlled Assessment task worth 30% of the final grade.

Unit 3 –  The nature of  Health and Wellbeing
Definitions, common positive and negative factors.
External exam – 20% of the double GCSE – An examination lasting 1hr 15mins.
Unit 4 – Promoting Health and Well-Being
Measurements of health and well-being; promotion and support for improvement.
Controlled Assessment task worth 30% of the final grade.
We will be using a wide variety of sources of information, including the following textbook:
AQA Health and Social Care             Richard Smithson                  Oxford Press
Health and Social Care for GCSE     Mark Walsh                               Collins