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At Kings’ we follow the AQA syllabus for the Music GCSE. The course is quite practical, with considerable performing and composing on the pupil’s instrument. The course assessment comprises of 60% coursework, and a 40% listening exam, comprising of two different sections. Pupil’s will take two GCSE Music lessons per week over the two years, with one homework set each week.


The subject content is split into four “areas of study”:


1. AoS1: Western Classical 1650 – 1910


2. AoS2: Popular Music


3. AoS3: Traditional Music


4. AoS4: Western Classical 1910 – Present day.


The outline for the course structure is shown below:


Coursework (60%):

– Performing (30%): Two performances – one solo, one ensemble.

– Composing (30%): One composition is a free composition; the other follows a brief set by AQA in the Autumn term of Year 11.


Listening (40%):  1½ hours. The listening exam takes place in June.


Once again, we were extremely pleased with our most recent set of GCSE grades for Music: 87% A*-C.