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Religious Studies

Philosophical and Ethical Studies

This is an option for those pupils who enjoy discussing some of the fundamental questions in life. This course will cover an understanding of both religious and non-religious belief through beliefs and practice whilst considering the influence of religion on individuals, communities and societies.
Pupils will engage with questions of belief, value, meaning, purpose, truth, and their influence on human life. Pupils will study two religions and apply this in philosophical and ethical contexts and in particular the themes of:
The existence of God, gods and the ultimate reality.
Religion, peace and conflict.
Dialogue between religious and non-religious beliefs and attitudes.
Religion and families.
The study of two world faiths.

GCSE Overview Early Entry (OCR J621)

GCSE Overview Philosophy (OCR J621)

GCSE Overview Ethics (OCR J621)

AS Overview (OCR H172)


For Welsh Board Religious Studies Spec B GCSE

For OCR Religious Studies Spec B GCSE

For OCR Religious Studies AS