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GCSE Textiles is an exciting and creative course which involves working with traditional and contemporary textiles. Students will experiment with a range of media, techniques and concepts to create a portfolio of work. They will complete 2 units of coursework and a final exam. Within each unit
there are four assessment objectives that must be completed, which are:
Textile Artists/Designers Study- Students research the work of other artists, designers and cultures through different periods of history.
Research- Students will collect images, drawings, photographs and samples of things that are relevant to the given theme.
Developing Ideas- Students will explore and experiment with a wide variety of textiles techniques and equipment to create a variety of possibilities for a final outcome.
Final Piece- Students will create a unique and original final piece based on their research and their artists study.

In Year 10 we cover a lot of skills and techniques, making a skills based product and learning how to follow a commercial pattern. We also cover “Sustainability and the 6 R’s”.

The coursework consists of 2 pieces, one started in the Summer of Year 10 and the other piece in the late Autumn of Year 11.The first examination paper on “Sustainability” is sat in the Summer of Year 10 and the second at the end of Year 11.