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Food Technology

Key Stage 3 Curriculum


In Technology we follow a rotation of Technology subjects; therefore pupils in years 7,8 and 9 will follow four Food courses during the three years of key stage 3.


The first course is “The Healthy Lunchbox” where pupils learn hygiene and safety in Food preparation, nutrition, sensory analysis as well as practical skills – making fruit salad, pasta salad, muffins, scones and a cereal bar.

The second project is “Nutrition and Health” where pupils look at eating healthily, nutrition as well as making flavoured breads, soup, pasta dishes, frittata, carrot cakes, swiss roll and a filo pastry tart.

The third course is “Making Choices” where pupils will study health needs of certain age groups, foreign ingredients, aeration, gelatinisation and more complex recipes. Pupils also prepare a presentation for the rest of the class about what they have found out about food from a foreign country. Practical work allows for much more individual choice and pupils are encouraged to alter existing recipes and make them more interesting and individual, as well as developing and using more complex practical skills.

The final course at Key Stage 3 focuses on “Budgeting and Special Diets”. We look at cost of food and how food is marketed, processed and packaged for society today. We develop further practical skills while looking at different dietary groups and developing recipes to suit their needs.


Pupils can access recipes we use in school to practice at home on the “student resources” area of the school network.


Food Technology Assessment Descriptors