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Wheelchair Basketball

‘P.D. pupils roll on strong’

Wheelchair basketball is as strong as ever at Kings’ School. On Wednesday afternoons the gym is the only place to find pupils of all abilities working on their skills and coordination, whilst having many laughs and a lot of exercise.

Wheelchair basketball activities range from; shooting, dribbling, racing, in-game events such as passing and often finish with a full court game.

Mr Kenward runs the wheelchair basketball with much help, support and promotion from Miss Collins.

Kit has been very kindly donated by Mr Nichols, giving the pupils an identity within the sport.

It is a rare chance for the inclusion of all in this extra curricular activity aimed at providing activity and exercise for those pupils at Kings’ School who are physically disabled. Although there are some national standards of players who attend, the majority benefit from the skills learned and the fun had by being an important part of a sociable, sporty and happy team.