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With more staff than ever involved and huge pupil turn-out, everyone was ready and raring to get the 2010/11 Netball season underway in September.  For the first few weeks, space was at a premium for the Year 7 and 8 Club and as the season progressed, numbers remained consistently high across all age groups. 

Year 7

The newest Netball recruits to Kings’ came in both high numbers and high quality.   Miss Wellington was thrilled to see so many start and continue to attend practices.  With an abundance of enthusiasm and a degree of previous netballing experience, it would have been easy to field three teams.  As it was, the B team showed fantastic potential at both tournaments and in friendlies, and the A team proved they are a team to be reckoned with.  Despite a defeat early in the season to Thornden, the team remained unbeaten in all subsequent league games.  This earned them 2nd place in the league; losing out by only 4 points to the only team to have beaten them; Thornden.  Our aim is to win this crunch game and the league next year!

Year 8

Following a successful 2009/10 season, the Year 8s were looking to build on their achievements this year.  The squad welcomed many new players and Mrs MacQuillin worked hard to ensure all players developed existing skills, and crucially: that they gelled as a team.  Against some tough opposition the girls managed 6 wins out of a possible 8 and finished 3rd in the league.  Whilst this is a placing to be proud of, it is hoped that in view of their potential, they will supersede this achievement next year.

Year 9

The Year 9 girls are known throughout the Department for their enthusiasm and fantastic conduct in extra-curricular sport.  This was proven beyond doubt during this year’s Netball Season and the team; led by Mrs Gittins, remained resolute despite early losses.  Their (Mrs Gittins and the team’s) upbeat attitude and commitment to both after-school and lunchtime practices enabled them to come away with several wins in the latter half of the season and eventually finished 4th out of 9 teams.  We applaud their ‘Never say die’ attitude. 

Year 10/11

Despite playing through some frosty conditions and frozen fingers, Miss Player ensured the Year 10 and 11 girls trained hard and were duly rewarded with 8 wins out of a possible 11.  These results allowed the team to finish 2nd in the league and is a true testament to their team cohesion; as the squad comprised of over 18 players.  Well done and good luck to those girls who are leaving us this year – keep up the Netball at college!

With high participation rates and all fixtures honoured, all involved in Netball at Kings’ can be proud of their achievements in 2010/11.  We now look forward to taking 50 girls on tour and the prospect of another successful season next year.