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Offsite Litter pick

Having taken steps to address the litter issue at school, Kings’ pupils also decided to make a contribution to tidy up the immediate locality. On Thursday 8th January 30 pupils from all year groups donned their green Eco t-shirts and scoured Romsey Road and link roads for any and all forms of rubbish. Despite initial impressions of cleanliness, the team successfully collected 5 large bags of litter and also went away satisfied with their positive contribution to the local environment.

There are a couple of notable activities to report on this month.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in the Switch-Off Fortnight campaign. There was a real increase in the vigilance of lights and electronic devices being turned off when not in use in the two week period from Monday 23rd November to Friday 4th December. The monitoring team did a great job reminding teachers at the end of the day and energy readings showed a decrease in electricity consumption.

Secondly, members of the ‘Fix-up Look Chic’ Club should be really proud of themselves. All of the furniture they have up-cycled over the last few months was sold, without exception, at the Christmas Cracker. Sales generated £185 which will be put back into the Eco-Schools budget so we can continue our environmental efforts. Thank you very much to the teachers who donated items.


The last item is about our recycling bins.  Having introduced mixed recycling into the school last Summer, it is a little disappointing that some of the school population have not quite got to grips with the process. Our recycling bins are currently so contaminated by non-recyclable items that they cannot be taken to be recycled. To address this problem Mrs Germain’s Lego Robotics group have designed a recorded message to be activated when the lid of the bins is lifted and the new Year 11 prefects will be doing duties to monitor the correct use of the bins.  Along with these interventions, we really need pupils to get on board with this important process.