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Mission Beaulieu – April 2014

What a brilliant day. A marvelous morning full of motors and masses of Maths magic started the adventure with a boost. The fun was never ending and there were jokes, codes and bombs to diffuse every step of the way so that no-one was ever bored.

The Maths department took a group of Year 8 pupils for a fabulous day out in the beautiful Beaulieu sun at the famous Motor Museum. We were split into groups of three or four with new people with who we might not generally work. It was a chance to meet new people in an exciting environment. The morning was full of entertainment, with code cracking, puzzle solving and no end to problems that needed solving!

We were also very lucky to be given a free afternoon in which we could wander round with friends, find out more about Beaulieu and motoring, admire former Top Gear cars and work our brains even harder with an optional quiz to do alongside!

It was such a great trip and I am sure that everyone agrees it was an outstanding day for making Maths memorable!