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Hengistbury Head

A Wintery Trip to the Beach for Kings’ School Pupils

Kings’ School pupils, the Geography staff and the Head of Year Mr Gunning went to Hengistbury Head during the Autumn Term. The headland is near the town of Christchurch, which took about 50 minutes to reach on the bus. The weather was extremely sunny, although there was a lot of wind which made it feel very cold. The group walked around the area and up Warren Hill to see the 360° view of the beach.  The group were investigating tourism at the headland and the possible impact of the new visitor centre which was due to open in December. Pedestrian surveys, vehicle counts and environmental quality assessments were conducted to gauge how many people use the site. Callum Smith said “the day was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot of geography outside of the classroom”.

by Callum Smith Year 7