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Kew Gardens

Over three days, starting on the 4th March, many Year 8’s took part in the Kew gardens geography trip. After an hour and a half on the coach everyone was given question sheets they would have to answer throughout the day. The main focus of the trip was on climate and especially climate in the rainforest.

We wondered around a lot of the gardens over the day but there were three main activities. First we went to the Palm House. The room was filled with tropical plants and trees. There was also a walkway around the canopy of the tallest trees. We were asked to find the oldest plant, It was called ‘Encephalartos Ferox’ . Next we went to the tree top walk way. After taking three sets of stairs we got to the top. There was a circular walkway with a view over Kew and of the nearby tree canopy. Although the structure swayed quite a bit everyone got round safely. Finally we visited the Princess Diana memorial. The tropical house was filled with different climates, terrains and plants. Everyone loved the fish.

After going to the shop to buy souvenirs of the trip everyone got back on the coach to get back to school for 3:15!

By Robbie Boyd Year 8