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Natural History Museum

In early December, Kings’ School Geography Department took us to The Natural History Museum in London. We got onto the coach at 9 o’clock in the morning. We arrived at London at around 11:30.

This trip was focused mostly on the Geography of volcanic eruptions, we learnt about the effects and disasters that can be caused by volcanoes and what had been learnt from previous experiences. For the first half of the day we headed to the Volcano area; armed with leaflets and pens, we wandered around in a large group, writing down interesting facts and answering questions.

We got into groups of 5 or 6 and we were able to walk around The Natural History museum in the area permitted for us. We were all fascinated by many exhibits, we were also allowed to go to the gift shop. Many of us headed to the skeleton area of the exhibits where we saw the dinosaurs.

As well as the volcanic exhibition, the museum also held a walkthrough on how the memory and lungs work in the human body – a mass of illusions and how they trick us. We saw a section on all the star signs printed on the walls and ceilings – it was like the night sky all around us. We also saw a section on different habitats for different animals and why the animals stick to that habitat, we saw a life size model of a humpback whale which was enormous! We also saw many other marine animals, past and present.

There were about 50 students on the day. All of us enjoyed the day.  We all walked away even more interested in the world around us, all ready to go back to Geography and learn more. I would happily go again.

By Caitlin Torode