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Mamma Mia

On Friday 5th October, Kings’ School Drama department took 54 Year 9 and 10 pupils to the Novello Theatre, London to see the wonderful production of Mamma Mia. Toes were tapping throughout the performance, enabling our pupils to experience live musical theatre, some for the very first time. This entertaining production combined fast paced dance routines and brilliant one liners with excellent comic timing which were thoroughly entertaining. Some of our GCSE Drama pupils were able to see how the physical theatre and movement work they are currently studying in lessons, including dynamic lifts can feed into their performance.  A lively and fun evening out, enjoyed by all!

‘Mamma Mia was amazing! The costumes and set were fantastic, so bright and colourful. I was so inspired and loved meeting some of the cast at the end of the show!’

Sophie Patterson Year 10

‘I really enjoyed watching Mamma Mia! We had a mini tour on the coach around London prior to seeing the show; it was a Friday evening so we really enjoyed the whole atmosphere. During the performance we were all singing and dancing, it was a great night! I would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. Thank you!’

Fleur Geernaert Year 10

‘I enjoyed the show so much! Especially the music and dance routines, we all had a great time singing and dancing to every song. I really recommend watching the show, thank you!’

Sasha Norton Year 10