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Treasure Island

On Thursday the 6th of December a group of sixty Year Seven students went to see the Christmas production of ‘Treasure Island’ at the Nuffield Theatre. The production combined live acting, music, song and dance as well as the traditional Pantomime audience participation. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to see a professional production and to re-enforce the performance work that we have been doing in lessons.

Students and staff all thoroughly enjoyed the performance, with some of our students even getting the chance to make an appearance on the stage! As usual the students were impeccably behaved and a real credit to the school.

“On the 6th of December we went to see Treasure Island at the Nuffield Theatre. The show was brilliant and it had some really funny scenes in it. The acting was very good and the songs were really catchy. It felt as if you were right there with the pirates on stage. It was a real treat!” – Jasmine Meacock

“Treasure Island was a really good production, I definitely recommend it to people our age. I enjoyed it because the actors made it feel like I was on the Island with them. My favourite character was Ben the pirate who loved cheese, because he was very amusing. It was a really good production.” – Wafaa Omarouayache

“Treasure Island was a really fun performance. I thought the show was very creative. It was the first time that I had been on a trip with Kings’ School and I will definitely be going on other trips again.” – Nicola Goddard