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Year 11 History Trip to Germany

On Saturday 5th April, Miss Souter, Mr Sharp and Mrs Slater took 21 Year 11 GCSE History students to Germany. All the students are studying Weimar and Nazi Germany and the aim of the trip was to let the youngsters see for themselves where some of the most momentous events in the 20th Century happened.

Our first stop was Munich, where the youngsters followed in the footsteps of Hitler and the fledgling German Workers’ Party. They saw where Hitler had attempted to take power in 1923 and then we visited Dachau concentration camp; now a grim reminder of the inhumane treatment meted out to opponents of the Nazi regime

Then, it was off to Nuremberg; the site of the famous, annual rallies which took place outside the beautiful, medieval town centre

Our final stop was Berlin; a city with so much to see that two nights was not enough. Here we had a whistle-stop tour of the famous landmarks in the city, including the Reichstag building and remnants of the Berlin Wall, fitting in three excellent exhibitions and a bit of time for shopping. Our last day included a visit to the Olympic Stadium and Sachsenhausen concentration camp before we headed back to the airport.

Feedback from the students suggests that it was a tiring but fantastic and memorable trip. It certainly was for me!

Mrs Slater
Head of History