Parent Governor Elections 2018

We received ten nominations for our Parent Governor position and now invite you to vote for your preferred candidate.  Every parent, carer and other adult with parental responsibility for a pupil at Kings’ School is eligible to vote and is entitled to cast one vote in this ballot.

The elected governor will represent you on the governing body, so it’s important that you voice your preference about who is appointed to this crucial role!  Please see each candidate’s personal statement here

You can vote by:

– completing and submitting a ballot paper (print it from here or ask us to send a paper copy). If you chose this option the instructions are as below:

Number of vacancies to be filled: One position at Kings’ School

1.  Each parent must vote on a separate form.

2.  Each parent is entitled to one vote.

3.  Please vote in ink by placing an X against the candidate(s) of your choice.

Papers recording more than the required votes or marked in any other way will be invalid.

The voting paper should be sealed in an unmarked envelope which should then be sealed in an outer envelope marked “Parent Governor Elections” and include the name of the voting parent. Once the name has been checked against the list of those eligible to vote, the outer envelope will be discarded and the inner envelope placed in the ballot box.


– placing a vote in our online ballot.  Please be aware that if you vote online, your IP address will be revealed to us – this will allow us to track that the appropriate number of votes are made from each household/device.

The first question will ask for your name – please note that names are not associated or linked with the vote cast but are required to make sure that only those eligible are able to vote.

The deadline for all votes is 12 Noon on the 19th December 2018. Any votes cast after this time will not be counted.