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Science (GCSE pupils only)

Business Studies – theory notes – theory notes and key concepts

BCS KS3 Only

Computer Science  – students know user name and password



GCSE History






Food Technology


Healthy eating:


French, Spanish,German, Italian




Health & Social Care

Child Development





Media Studies




Citizenship – great for Child Rights, the UN convention and stories from around the world – all about the UK Parliament, how Democracy works in the UK, contacting MPs – lots of information about the European Union particularly ‘your life in the EU’


PSHEE – great for year 9 and above for careers advice, career tools and action planning – useful for work on bullying and child rights, useful source of accurate information – accurate information about legal and illegal drugs, useful for homework and good for parents too


Sites recommended by Pupil Support – Vocabulary and Maths support – Vocabulary and grammar  – Spelling and memory games – Spelling, phonics, maths, handwriting alphabet, spelling, vocabulary, memory games, maths, subject areas. Spellings, prefixes, suffixes, maths, science and many more – Spelling, vocabulary – reading, spelling, grammar, maths – grammar, spelling, writing, reading, maths – grammar, spelling – grammar, past and present tenses – grammar, verbs, punctuation click on free online games on the left hands side. A choice of games will appear. Word up game for Vocabulary and Metro Match for a Memory game  – maths – memory games, word games, spatial games – literacy! A variety of subjects but you can make your own worksheets from easy to complicated and covering many mathematical topics science, biology, chemistry, physics –  KS3, 4 and 5 interactive games and worksheets a variety of interactive games and worksheets for different subjects interactive multiplication games you sign in with the date of birth of your child and they will send weekly worksheets on a variety of subjects including English and Maths. £1.97 to join. provides work and ideas to support kS3 and 4 students  learn to touch type


Websites for specific needs

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Autism (ASD) and Aspergers










Hearing and visual Impairment (both) (hearing) (hearing) (visual)


Oppositional Defiance Disorder