Recent Eco activities have included a school site tidy up, the monitoring of air pollution levels around the school site, a clean air day logo competition and the achievement of the Modeshift Stars bronze award for the school. As part of the national Big Spring Clean pupils volunteered from across the school to stay after school to do a litter pick. The Eco team have been busy working with Jean MacGrory from Hampshire County Council to monitor air pollution around the school site using diffusion tubes. This has enabled us to see the difference in air quality across the school site and between term and holiday times. On the back of this we have also carried out a travel to school survey to look at the modes of transport pupils and staff are using to get to school and we are now trying to encourage everyone to use more sustainable forms of transport where possible. As part of this the Eco team have run some assemblies and set up a clean air logo and slogan competition and the prizes were presented by Councillor Humby from Hampshire County Council in front of the local press. Also at this time the school was presented with our Mod Shift Stars Bronze award which was given to the school in recognition for the steps we have taken so far in encouraging more sustainable forms of travel. Over the next year we intend to work towards achieving a Silver award and doing more detailed air quality analysis using some real time particulate monitors which are being donated to the school by a PHD student from Southampton University who has developed them.