What to do if?

Hello and welcome to our “What to do if?” section of the Kings’ School website.

This is a handy place to come when you have something on your mind and are wondering what to do next.   Here we can put you in touch with some friendly faces and professional helpers who are there just for you.

Sometimes when things are tough it’s hard to know where to start or who to turn to.  So if you are wondering ‘what to do if’ you have a problem or need to talk to someone, then you’ve come to the right place.

Remember that tutors, Head of Year and the Welfare Team are more than happy to listen.  You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be – so don’t be afraid to ask.

All the contact details within school you need are here.  Go on – give it a go.

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs F Allison

Head of Years

Designated Safeguarding Governor

Year 7: Mr M Gunning (HOY), Miss E Souter (DHOY)

Year 8: Mr C Marwood (HOY), Mrs E Hicks (DHOY)

Year 9: Miss S Clarkson (HOY), Mr E Owusu (DHOY)

Year 10: Mr S Simpson (HOY), Miss C Fox (DHOY)

Year 10: Mr A Chainey (HOY), Miss  Wood (DHOY)


Welfare Team

Mrs Berridge  Guidance Manager

Mr Nichols Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs Lang Pastoral Support Worker

Please email kings.school@kings-winchester.hants.sch.uk Please subject this to a specific person or area. This is dealt with confidentially.

For more information or support with LGBTQ+ issues visit here