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Kings’ School is a mixed 11-16 comprehensive school with just over 1600 pupils occupying a  large campus.  The school has excellent sporting facilities and fine views of the South Downs across the surrounding countryside. The School is situated in a pleasant residential area in the southern outskirts of the town.

The school has benefited from much investment, including grants from the Sports and Art Councils and National Lottery, over the last few decades.  These have allowed provision of a sports hall, fitness and health suite, swimming pool and floodlit astroturf pitch.  These complement the academic areas of the school which include drama and music with recording studio, a modern, well stocked and popular library, purpose built science and technology classrooms and a modern Business Centre to support the students’ enterprise initiatives and business studies.

The school is a fully resourced School with a fully equipped suite for physically disabled pupils.  Full access for physically disabled pupils is provided through to all areas of the School including lifts, support aids, ramps and toilets.  Together with appropriate resources and staffing these enable all our pupils to gain full benefit from as much of the curriculum as possible.

The whole of the school curriculum is supported by modern IT equipment including whole school wi-fi.

The school also estate also includes the Tower Arts Centre, a popular venue for local theatre groups.  The school manages a full programme of community and sporting events which enable these excellent facilities to be fully enjoyed by pupils, staff and local community.