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IT at Kings’

Kings’ School IT Vision Statement

User confidence of technology at Kings’ is of paramount importance. Learners will leave Kings’ with a high level of digital literacy and intelligence. The school’s ICT equipment needs to have the flexibility to enable effective learning.

To ensure this, Kings’ must have a reliable and up-to-date physical infrastructure, Kings’ also requires software that encourages creativity and collaboration.

Staff’s IT knowledge and understanding is a professional development priority. This allows teachers to inspire independent learners.

* Pupils will have acquired the skills needed to use IT effectively.

* Pupils will understand that e-safety must be considered within all aspects of technology and they will develop a social and moral responsibility when using internet communications.

* Pupils will learn to identify reliable and varied sources of information and how to use them appropriately.

* Pupils will be prepared for the workplace of the future and have the ability to adapt to new technologies confidently.