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Year & Tutor Group

From a pupil’s point of view, the Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year are the cultural architects of Kings’ School. They present weekly assemblies for their year group and these assemblies – which from time to time include guest speakers – show pupils the values that we aim to live out as a school community. It is the Head of Year who will intervene where there have been either disciplinary or pastoral concerns; in the latter case, he or she may also involve members of our own Welfare Team and external agencies.


Each Head of Year leads a team of tutors who are, in many respects, the eyes and ears of our pastoral system at Kings’. Tutors see pupils twice daily during registration periods, working with parents to monitor pupil absence. Tutors offer informal guidance and reassurance to pupils where concerns are temporary and minor, but they work closely with Heads of Year in order to secure the right help where concerns are ongoing or substantive.


The Year Teams are as follows:


Year 7: Mr Chris Marwood (HOY), Mrs Elaine Hicks (DHOY)

Year 8: Miss Sarah Clarkson (HOY), Mr Eddie Owusu (DHOY)

Year 9: Mr Stuart Simpson (HOY), Mrs Jennifer Frost (DHOY)

Year 10: Mr Andrew Chainey (HOY), Mrs Michelle Pope (DHOY)

Year 11: Mr Matthew Gunning (HOY), Miss Emily Souter (DHOY)