School Slides

School Rules

The highest standards of personal behaviour are expected from pupils both in School and on the way to and from School and in other school activities.

Unless permission has been given, pupils must not leave the School premises during the School day.

Movement around School:

• Inside the School buildings pupils should walk quietly keeping to the left hand side of the corridor and stairs.

• When outside the buildings pupils must use the paths and pedestrian areas.

• There should be no running around the School inside or out,except in the playgrounds and on the fields.

• Pupils must not ‘shout,’ ‘yell’ or ‘whistle’ when walking around the School   inside or out.

• Pupils must comply with the one -way system around the school.

Pupils must not lean out of windows.

Valuables, large amounts of money, radios, cassette, personal stereos, roller boots,
skateboards, etc.. must not be brought into school.

Mobile telephones, MP3 players and Ipods must not be used in School. They will be confiscated if used anywhere on the school premises at anytime.

Mobile telephones must not be used at all during the school day or in the school buildings at the start and end of the day.

Motor bikes or scooters must not be brought into School. Bicycles may only be brought into School with a permit.
Bicycles must not be ridden on the school premises.

Food should only be consumed in the dining hall.

No food should be eaten in the classrooms or elsewhere in the School. Litter must not be dropped around the school.

Tippex, other solvent based material, or any illegal substances are not allowed in School.

Smoking is not permitted in School nor on the way to and from School.

Fighting, violent or aggressive behaviour is not permitted under any circumstances.

The use of abusive, obscene language is absolutely forbidden.

Offensive weapons such as knives, ball bearing guns, air guns, battons, etc., must not be brought into school or to any school activities.

Uniform for Boys

Uniform for Girls