2019 GCSE Results

Many congratulations to all our 2019 leavers on their exam results.

Headteacher Matthew Leeming said:

“It is always delightful to see young people we know to be well-motivated and determined become well-qualified as well! They have worked very hard – as a rule, I would say that the teenagers we work with today are even more conscientious than their predecessors were. The staff deserve great credit too – I am lucky to work with such a skilful and committed group of professionals.”

Of 329 pupils:

86% achieved at least 4 in English and Maths (and also in three other subjects; equivalent to the old 5+A*-C including English and Maths measure)

68% achieved at least 5 in English and Maths

92% achieved at least 4 in English, with 82% achieving at least a 5

88% achieved at least 4 in Maths, with 73% achieving at least a 5