Kings’ School Values


Agreed by the school community and shared by people throughout the country and across the world

At Kings’ School, everyone works together. Knowing that all human beings are equally and infinitely valuable and that they have equal rights and equal dignity, we promote respect, kindness and courtesy. We aim to enjoy our learning and to care for, and protect, every member of the school family. We respect high achievement, whatever form it takes.

  • At Kings’ School, we value mutual respect and tolerance, through our good behaviour and our fair, objective attitude to those of all faiths and beliefs; through relationships based on kindness and courtesy; through our support of those with different needs and abilities; through our inclusive attitude to one and all, irrespective of age, race, disability, creed, sexuality or gender. We nurture a culture of friendship, honesty and generosity.
  • At Kings’ School, we value democracy and individual liberty through a culture which celebrates our diversity and teaches about responsibilities, rights, personal integrity, duties and citizenship; through numerous opportunities to voice our opinions; through the promotion of resilience and self-control; through the achievement of the highest academic standards and levels of personal development; through the vast number of clubs and extra-curricular activities; through the opportunities to participate in off-site visits and trips; through the wide range of subject choices available.
  • At Kings’ School, we value the rule of law through our traditional ethos and clearly set boundaries, which keep us all safe; through a shared understanding of a classroom and school-wide code of conduct; through the accountability and enthusiasm demonstrated by all our governors, teaching and support staff, parents, guardians, carers and pupils; through wearing our uniform with confidence and pride.

We encourage active, healthy lifestyles and care for our environment. We know that schools are serious, purposeful places but we also believe that being at school should be fun. We are optimistic and creative – we believe that the future can be better than the past and that we each have a responsibility to make sure that it is.