Danemark ready for teaching

We are delighted that our new classrooms, named Danemark after our predecessor school, will be ready for teaching at the start of the new term.  This building has four very modern classrooms that will be used to teach Business, Enterprise and Employability.  Each classroom is named after people famous in the fields of computing, science and enterprise.  On the top floor we have Vaughan named after Dorothy Vaughan, a mathematician and human computer who worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and NASA and significant contributor to the space programme and Baylis, named after Trevor Baylis an entrepreneur whose inventions included the wind up radio.  On the ground floor we have Hawking, no explanation necessary and Roddick of Body Shop fame.

Our classrooms are all equipped with the latest in technology.  Each desk has a computer and the teacher will teach the class using smart screen technology at the front.  The building is designed to have a very low environmental footprint.  Each space is air conditioned and the building is supplied with electricity from the solar panels on the roof.  Danemark is equipped with a  lift for wheelchairs and is fully accessible throughout.

A short video of the whole of the build can be seen here…