Kings’ School Rewards System

Dear Parent

Kings’ School Rewards System

At Kings’ School we of course expect the very best from our pupils, both in structured lessons as well as around the School during the day.

We try to recognise and reward pupils’ efforts by awarding them with ‘Credits’, which can be earned by following the School mantra of:


o   A piece of exceptionally good work

o   A period of sustained good work


o   An example of exceptional effort

o   A significant period of consistent effort


o   An example of exceptional helpfulness

o   A record of consistent helpfulness.

From September 2020, ‘Credits’ are no longer recorded electronically, therefore parents will no longer receive a message via the School Gateway App, that their child has been awarded a credit. Instead, all pupils will record this in the back of their Pupil Planner. We would therefore encourage parents to regularly check this section of their child’s planner, sharing and celebrating their achievements.  All credits received also contribute toward ongoing House totals.

Key Stage 3 Credits (Year 7, 8 & 9)

As pupils accrue Credits throughout their time at Kings’, they will receive certificates by means of appreciation from their respective House. These certificates are tiered as follows:

  • 25 Credits (Bronze)
  • 50 Credits (Silver)
  • 100 Credits (Gold)
  • 150 Credits (Ruby)
  • 200 Credits (Emerald)
  • 250 Credits (Platinum)
  • 300 Credits (Diamond)

All Credits earned in Key Stage 3 are cumulative, so that they roll on from previous years.

Key Stage 4 Credits (Year 10 & 11)

At the start of Key Stage 4 and every subsequent new term, individual credit totals begin at ‘0’.

At the end of each term, the top 5 Credit earners within each Tutor Group, will receive a Vue cinema voucher.

Yours faithfully

The House Team