Osborne School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

You may know that we have been welcoming groups of pupils from Osborne Special School (for pupils with moderate learning difficulties) since the start of September. They have been joining the Year 10 and 11 college groups for PSHEE and it has gone exceptionally well. Our friends at Osborne would now like to take this idea a bit further.

Osborne has a couple of problems. It is very successful, very popular and very cramped. They need to increase their number on roll, but they have no space on which to build. They are also aware that many of their higher-attaining pupils find the post-16 transition to mainstream quite scary.

They would like to re-locate a small class of Year 10 pupils (up to 9 or 10) and a small class of Year 11 pupils (likewise) onto our site. They would remain Osborne pupils for most purposes – they would be taught by Osborne staff  and their exam results would belong to Osborne. However, socially, they would aim to become Kings’ pupils, wearing our uniform and mingling with our pupils at lunchtime. One or two might join our pupils for a handful of lessons, on a very limited basis.

We would dearly like to tap into Osborne expertise, especially with our own low attainers, both in KS4 but also in Y7. We also think that “an Osborne annex” would be very positive for our ethos.

Our current thinking is that from September 2019, we will provide two classrooms at the far end of Bradbury Block for them. Three or four Osborne staff would be permanently based with us, looking after about 20 of their Key Stage 4 pupils. If it goes well, we would hope to do some building work and give (well, rent) them something more permanent in September 2020. At that point (or, maybe, sooner) we would also aim to provide some level of expert Osborne input for up to 10 of our own pupils.

To be clear, this would make no difference to our number-on-roll, to our exam results, or our budget. Kings’ class sizes would be unaffected, except that some individual Osborne pupils might join us for the odd lesson and some individual Kings’ pupils might be accommodated by the Osborne staff for the odd lesson.

We think this is a really exciting opportunity for both schools; I will include updates about it in my regular newsletters.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Leeming

Head Teacher