Parent Information Evenings & Presentations

Parents’ Information Evenings

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7 Meet The Tutor30/09/2019

Internet Safety


Parent Information

Evening 6/11/2019

TransitionNew Friendship, Pastoral Parents’ Evening (x)26/03/2020

Parents’ Evening (y)


Year 8 Pastoral Dealing with Social Media Evening Parents’ Evening23/06/2020
Year 9 Academic Information Evening Options Evening 5/02/2020Parents’ Evening 26/02/2020 Pastoral Information Evening
Year 10 Academic Evening23/10/2019 Pastoral Information Evening Parents’ Evening6/05/2020
Year 11 Careers Fayre 25/09/2019Study Skills Evening 10/10/2019 Parents’ Evening16/01/2020

Parents Evening Booking System

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Year 11 Study Skills Presentation

Year 11 Examination Boards

Year 10 Academic Presentation

Year 10 Self Identity and Positive Relationships

Year 9 Academic Information Presentation

Year 9 Exams Presentation

KS3 Internet Safety Presentation

Year 7 Academic New  Study Skills

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