Pastoral System

We are absolutely committed to the principle that every child matters, every day.  We pride ourselves in placing a strong emphasis on the concept of the school as a family, where we recognise the importance of the individual, but at the same time are sympathetic and understanding of the needs of others.

We recognise that youngsters arrive with a wide range of experiences, aptitudes and abilities.  We work closely with the junior schools to make sure that we get to know our pupils well – we have a comprehensive transition programme, including activities during the summer holiday, and every pupil comes to Kings’ to spend the day with us during the summer term of year 6.

Each pupil is a member of a Tutor Group of approximately 28 pupils under the care and co-ordination of a Head of Year, Deputy Head of Year and Pastoral Support staff alongside the tutor.  The group (tutor and pupils) stay together

through Years 7 to 11 and this continuity leads to greater understanding and support.  The tutor is the first point of contact for parents and has oversight
of each tutee’s welfare and progress.  All pastoral staff are pleased to see parents at any mutually convenient time should there be any issues  or matters you wish to discuss.

Our Head of Year 7 arranges the tutor groups to meet learning needs, so that no pupil feels isolated, and is able to learn unhindered.  The tutor group meets twice every day for registration periods.

Frequent assemblies reinforce the sense of the school as a community and help individuals feel they belong.  They also provide opportunities for moral teaching and the celebration of success of individuals and groups.

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Berridge
Mrs Hicks
Mr Jeckells
Mr Rossiter

Designated Safeguarding Governor
Dr Steve Bailey

Welfare Team

Mrs Berridge Guidance Manager
Mr Nichols Pastoral Support Worker
Mrs Laing Pastoral Support Worker
Miss Sketcher Pastoral Support Worker

Please email us. If you choose to contact the welfare team by email, please say “For the attention of the welfare team” – your email will be treated with the strictest confidence

Heads of Years

Year 7:
Miss S Clarkson (HOY)
Mr E Osei-Owusu (DHOY)
Year 8:
Mr S Simpson (HOY)
Miss A Sketcher (DHOY)
Year 9:
Mr A Chainey (HOY)
Miss H Wood (DHOY)
Year 10:
Mr  M Gunning (HOY),
Mrs B Sessions-King (DHOY)
Miss N Stringer (DHOY)
Year 11:
Mr C Marwood (HOY)
Mrs E Hicks (DHOY)
Mrs I Mackay (DHOY)