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We are absolutely committed to the principle that every child matters, every day.  We pride ourselves in placing a strong emphasis on the concept of the school as a family, where we recognise the importance of the individual, but at the same time are sympathetic and understanding of the needs of others.

At Kings’ good behaviour, consideration and respect for others are the essential building blocks for personal development and teaching and learning.  We understand that a strong ethos and culture at school plays a significant role in shaping the future lives of our pupils.  Young people can thrive within such an environment providing they are adequately supported at home and at school.

In recent years the school has recognised that our young people are moving into a world which is fast changing and is, in many ways, significantly more challenging than the one we faced as children.  It is this school’s stated ambition to attempt to meet the personal, social, emotional and intellectual needs of every pupil so they may participate and engage fully in the life of Kings’ School and then move on to enjoy fulfilling and worthwhile lives as adults.

Kings’ has invested heavily over a number of years in developing extremely effective and skilled pastoral and welfare teams.  Together they perform a central role within the lives of our pupils whilst they are at school and are a defining feature of Kings’. You can find out more using the links on this page.