The Tutor Group

When pupils start Kings’ they are placed in a mixed ability Tutor Group. Normally, the tutor will remain with their group throughout the five years at Kings’. The Tutor Group is the familiar base for pupils where they begin each morning and afternoon session.The Tutor is the person who will have an overview of the pupil’s social and academic progress and be responsible for the well being of a pupil on a day to day basis.Your child’s tutor is your first point of contact with the school.

In each year, there are 11 or 12 Tutor Groups under the care and co- ordination of a Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year. It is hoped that these will remain with the year group throughout its life at Kings’. Heads of Year and Deputies, work closely with parents and deal with any problems or worries which may arise.Tutors, Heads of Year and Deputy Heads of Year are pleased to see parents at any mutually convenient time should there be matters you wish to discuss.



Year 7:  Mr A Chainey (HOY), Miss H Wood (DHOY)

Year 8: Mr M Gunning (HOY), Mrs B Sessions-King (DHOY)

Year 9: Mr C Marwood (HOY), Mrs E Hicks (DHOY)

Year 10: Miss S Clarkson (HOY), Mr E Owusu (DHOY)

Year 11: Mr S Simpson (HOY), Miss C Fox (DHOY)