Piam Brown Ward update!

It is never easy as a teacher being made aware that one of our pupils has become seriously ill. It is even worse when you hear the word Cancer. Having said that can you imagine being the person that has been told this when you are just 14 years old? Could you imagine being the parents of that child? Everyone would hope that it is not a message they hear in their lifetime, but if you did, what support is out there especially for our children.

We have been humbled by the support that is offered by the Piam Brown Ward in Southampton Hospital and we had the privilege of visiting them and seeing first-hand the outstanding work that they do. Incredibly, and sadly, NHS money only provides for the treatment of the children in their care, everything else, literally everything else, has to come from charitable donations. It was our honour as Kings’ School to raise money on their behalf as a huge thank you to care and provision that they provide and have provided.

Through donations over time they now have a play room, a teaching room and relaxing room (with a Juke Box), a living room with sofas and a dining table for families to sit together when a child is too ill to be at home and a small kitchen for parents to cook real meals in and make tea and coffee. It was our honour to present the cheque to Piam Brown Ward this week. Donations can still be made via www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kings-school Congratulations to all involved and thanks to all who donated.

Money has now reached a whopping £7009.40!!!

Please click here to view a short video