Pupil Testing Timetable

Dear parents / Carers

Planning at the school is now very advanced as we anticipate all our pupils returning from Monday 8th March.  It remains our intention to test the Year 11 and Year 10 pupils on the Monday, then Year 7 on Tuesday followed by Years 8 & 9 on Wednesday.  We have carefully considered the best way of inviting our pupils back onto site to minimise the very low risk of infection whilst they await their first test.  Pupils will be tested throughout the day and, except when required for testing, will be following their normal timetable.  This means that pupils will only be mixing with a small number of pupils in the lessons before their test; the use of face coverings will be strictly enforced, pupils will remain in year group bubbles and will be instructed to maintain good separation from each other wherever possible.  Pupils may wish to bring their own packed lunch so that we can keep the lunch queues as small as possible.

Since many of our pupils arrive on school buses and on public transport, we do not intend to further stagger the arrival times of the year groups.  Pupils must be rigorous in the use of face coverings on buses and trains – it is a legal requirement.  Please be aware that South West Trains will be running a changed timetable to the one in use before the start of this term.  You are strongly advised to check on train service times by following this link…..https://www.southwesternrailway.com/travelling-with-us/coronavirus-travel-information/back-to-school

Our pupil testing will be organised by tutor groups.  The timetable for each tutor group is attached.  Please share this with pupils ahead of their first day back so that they know when they should be coming to the sports hall.  Please be aware that we can only offer Lateral Flow Tests to pupils where we have received parental consent.  The test is voluntary and consenting to testing means that your contact details will be shared with the NHS Track and Trace system so that they can notify you of the test results.  If you have not yet managed to complete the consent form then please follow this link…COVID Testing Consent Form March 2021

We are all very much looking forward to welcoming all our pupils back to school.

Thank you for assistance in preparing our pupils for return.

Kind regards

Kings’ School

Pupil Testing Timetable March 2021