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Please click here to access the Key Stage 3 Blended Learning Brochures.

Please click here to access the Key Stage 4 Blended Learning Brochures.

Blended learning – KS4 (Years 10 – 11)

Your child’s learning for both their Option and Core GCSE subjects will be guided through communication with teaching staff on Show My Homework.

  • Work will be set on Satchel One as Class work. The title for the work will also include the information ( For SELF ISOLATING pupils only). This should make it clear what work they are required to do.
  • It is highly likely that they will be asked to log into a live lesson at the same time as their class is receiving the lesson in school. The teacher will indicate this in instructions on Satchel One and they will access this in the same way, on Microsoft Teams, as they did during lockdown.
  • If they wish to ask the teacher a question during the lesson, they are welcome to write in the Chat’ function on Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, they may send a message to their teacher through Satchel One at any time.
  • If a teacher needs to set a ‘static’ lesson ( where a live lesson is not possible) then this work will also be placed on Satchel One, following the usual protocols.
  • Should your child finish the set work before the end of the lesson, please direct them to the website where all subject areas have placed additional activities pupils may wish to undertake to support their learning.
  • If your child is unable to access the internet in order to continue their remote learning, please inform the school and we will endeavour to find a solution.
  • If your child shows Covid symptoms and then tests positive from a Covid test, please inform the school at once.

In addition to this provision for academic progress, we encourage all pupils who are working remotely, to access their Year Group’s assembly, which will also be available through Teams at their usual assembly time.

I hope that this explains the provision we have in place for this ‘blended’ learning, allowing pupils to continue to make progress.  Should you have any further questions related to this, please do contact the school for further clarification.




Remote education provision: information for parents

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Revision Materials

The revision materials below can be purchased from the Kings’ School Uniform Shop. The opening hours, for the Resources and Uniform, are Monday and Wednesday lunchtime to pupils and Thursday mornings from 10.00am-11.00am to parents.


Year 10 Unit Cost Price
9-1 GCSE Biology For AQA £2.85
9-1 GCSE Biology Workbook £2.85
9-1 GCSE Biology Answers £1.00
9-1 GCSE Chemistry Revision Guide £2.85
9-1 GCSE Chemistry Workbook £2.85
9-1 GCSE Chemistry Answers £1.00
9-1 GCSE Physics Revision Guide £2.85
9-1 GCSE Physics Workbook £2.85
9-1 GCSE Physics Answers £1.00
9-1 GCSE Combined Science Revision Guide Higher £5.60
9-1 GCSE Combined Science Workbook Higher £5.60
9-1 GCSE Combined Science Answers Higher £1.00


Year 10 Unit Cost Price
Collins GCSE Revision Guide Maths Higher £2.50
Collins GCSE Revision Guide Maths Foundation £2.50
Scientific Calculator Casio £7.50
Compass £0.24
Protractor £0.07
Rule 15cm £0.08
Rule 30cm £0.11
Eraser £0.15
Plastic Sharpener £0.06
Metal Sharpener £0.15
Pen Black £0.14
Pen Blue £0.14
Pencil Case £0.64
Pencils HB £0.04
Filled Pencil Case £1.60


Year 10 Unit Cost Price
GCSE Business Complete Revision and Practice £5.50
GCSE Business Edexcel Complete Revision and Practice £5.50
GCSE Business Edexcel Revision Guide £2.85
GCSE Business Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook £2.85

Geography Revision Guides

Year 10 Unit Cost Price
GCSE 9-1 AQA Geography Fieldwork £5.00
GCSE 9-1 AQA Geography Revision Guide £7.00
GCSE 9-1 AQA Geography Exam Practice £7.00


Year 10 Unit Cost Price
Blood Brothers by Willy Russell £8.25

Health and Social Care/ Child Development

Year 10 Unit Cost Price
Child Development £7.50
Health and Social Care £7.50
Psychology AQA GCSE (9-1) £7.50
What Parents Do? GCSE £2.50


Welcome to the beating heart of Kings’ School – our wonderful Library. In an age where young people are said to be reading less and where squeezed budgets mean fewer libraries, here at Kings’ we are proud and thrilled, in equal measure, to introduce to you our well-resourced, well-used, wonderful library.

Along with regular timetabled lessons, many staff members like to book the room for occasional lessons. Pupils like to visit in their own time, before or after school and during lunch break, to catch up with friends, complete homework, or simply read in a warm and welcoming environment. The library also takes the lead in a number of annual events.

The Hampshire Book Award Every year, Mrs Miles invites pupils in year 8 to be judges in this prestigious event. Our judges are required to read a shortlist of recently published fiction, meet regularly and evaluate the books they read. Our year 8 pupils have always enjoyed this challenge and represented the school with great integrity at meetings, voting days with other schools and at the formal awards ceremony at the Winchester Guildhall.

After the most recent Hampshire Book Award event the following comments were made: “It was absolutely lovely to see you and your delightful Kings’ pupils yesterday at the HBAs. As usual they were beautifully behaved and so sensible and mature in their observations. And wow, they really do now their stuff” Librarian at another Hampshire school.

“The 3 students on my table were very mature and their discussion was at a really high level. They had not only read the books (twice), but they greatly added to the group discussion. I know I was impressed with the group when I came into school back in March to launch the award, but just wanted to add that their conduct today (not just my table) was outstanding. Well done to them all” Hampshire School Library Service Lead advisor

Service of Remembrance

The library is closely involved in this important annual day of remembrance and commemoration. As well as a display of books and posters to draw the attention of pupils, we also host a tea party for the “Old Boys” of the St Thomas’s Association, with whom the school has long-held links. The day is always a very special event in the lives of our pupils and the gracious elderly ladies and gentlemen who come to share their stories.

Visiting Authors

Every year at least one, and often two, renowned authors are invited to Kings’ School to present workshops and talks to our pupils. We have been privileged to play host to Mark Lowery, Andy Briggs, Chris Bradford and most recently, Adisa the performance poet. These events are always popular with our pupils who enjoy having the opportunity to meet famous authors and spend time chatting to them.