The Eco Team have been very busy again this year. Firstly, we have recruited some new members of the team from across the year groups who have been involved in overseeing the introduction of new dual recycling and general waste bins in the courtyard. The team took part in assemblies to educate the school in how to use these and encourage recycling across the school. Alongside this we ran an eco quiz in the notice bulletin, a week of eco themed thoughts for the day and put up new banners around the school. We also held a very well attended House Litter Pick in November which made a big difference to the school site. In the spring and summer terms tutor groups also carried out litter picks during tutor times. At the may fayre parents as well as pupils were invited to join us for a litter pick on the school grounds and in the surrounding areas.

On the transport front, in the autumn term we sent home a park and stride map to parents to encourage those people who come to school by car to park a little further away and walk the last part of their journey. We also saw one of the bike sheds moved to the back of school to make it easier for those pupils who wish to cycle in from that direction. We also carried out another travel to school survey and we were pleased to find that there has been an increase in the numbers of pupils using more sustainable forms of transport to school.

The Eco Team took part in switch off fortnight in November and went on walks around the school at lunchtime and after school switching off lights and putting up stickers to remind people to switch off lights and other electrical devices when not in use.

A small number of the Eco Team also went to John Keble Primary school in Hursley and did an assembly on how we achieved our Green Flag status and to inspire them to do the same. We also helped establish an Eco noticeboard and improved classroom recycling facilities, working alongside their Eco team

This spring we have had the recycling with Michael, House clothing recycling challenge, catalogue recycling, unwanted textbook collections and a staff book swap. We are also pleased to say that the school blazers are now made of recycled plastics and the canteen is phasing out the use of the takeaway polystyrene boxes and pupils are now using their own containers instead.

Around the school grounds bird boxes have been put in place and the aim is to install some cameras so the progress of inhabitants can be monitored on the plasma screen in the foyer. We also have some members of the Eco Team on the Quad regeneration committee and as a result of this the new seating and staging areas have been made from recycled bottles.

We have applied to renew our Eco School green flag award and in June we will be holding an Eco Week to celebrate all the strides we have made this year and to continue to encourage more pupils to get involved.