Rapid Covid Testing

Kings’ School have been invited to set up a rapid COVID test facility at school.  Following the changes necessary due to the recent lockdown we have now established our procedures and we will be commencing pupil testing on weekday mornings from Monday 11th January.  To maintain social bubbles we will do this in year group order starting with Year 7 on Monday, Year 8 Tuesday, Year 9 Wednesday and Year 10 & 11 on Thursday.  Pupils will be called from lessons if they wish to have a test.  More information is contained in the attached letter.  This will be the first of repeat tests so that we can be more confident we are doing all we can to reduce the risk of infection.

It is vital that we receive a hard copy, signed parental consent form for each pupil who wishes to be tested.  This consent form will also act as our record of tests delivered.  We have sent this by email this evening so that you can read it and we will additionally be sending paper copies home with pupils from Thursday.  You may print the form off yourself at home if your prefer.

Completed paper copy forms should be returned to school reception and placed into the COVID Test mail box.  It will not be possible to test pupils without your written consent.  Not consenting or not taking a test does not affect the ability of pupils to continue to attend school.

We will learn from experience as we roll out the testing programme. Dates and routines may change and we will aim to keep you fully informed.

Kings’ School