School Values

At Kings’ our Values are at the heart of our school culture. They underpin our vision that we are Working Together to Achieve Inspiring Futures, Exceptional Character, and Academic Excellence.

We are reminded of our vision by our motto, Una Laborantes (Working Together), and our core values – developed and agreed by the Kings’ community of pupils, staff, parents, and carers – help to guide every child, employee, and volunteer towards attaining that goal.

These values act as our inspiration and navigation in our learning, our work, and our life at school as we work together for your child’s personal growth and future academic success.

Our school values are to:

  • Discover brilliance in everyone
  • Have unlimited ambition
  • Earn success
  • Be kind, be humble, and have integrity
  • Make a difference


Discover brilliance in everyone


We believe that every individual has something they can be excited about, excel at, and inspire others through. This includes interpersonal skills, kindness, artistic expression, academic excellence, or physical activity. We will all seek to recognise and celebrate these things in ourselves and others, so that all pupils and staff feel valued and know that their individual and collective contribution to the Kings’ community is seen and nurtured.


Have unlimited ambition


We believe that every individual has a limitless future, and their ambition should reflect this. Our society thrives when people are passionate about shaping their own lives and the lives within their local and global community. We also understand that our ambitions are best realised when balanced with humility which can be found by following the school motto of Una Laborantes (working together).


Earn success


If something is worth achieving, it can often lie beyond our current grasp. We recognise the need to work hard and persevere; to know what success looks like; to understand the next steps towards our goal; to seek feedback and, in response to this, to purposefully practice towards improvement. We recognise that the learning process itself builds resilience and character and that, whilst we cannot always control our success, we can influence our attitude and our work ethic on the journey.


Be kind, be humble, and have integrity

We believe that our behaviours can have a significant positive influence upon others and that kindness is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow. We recognise that we all have exceptional strengths as well as areas we can develop. This perspective is important in understanding that we can balance self-belief with humility. We know that our Kings’ community is a better place when people do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.


Make a difference

We believe that the Kings’ community is special. People within and beyond the school continue to take responsibility to make it so. They see a better future and are determined to make a difference to an individual or group of people.  This desire extends to the wider community, whether through service to others, innovation in business or through charitable work. Our goals can be achieved when people take it upon themselves to take responsibility for their and others’ futures.

British Values

  • At Kings’ School, we value mutual respect and tolerance, through our good behaviour and our fair, objective attitude to those of all faiths and beliefs; through relationships based on kindness and courtesy; through our support of those with different needs and abilities; through our inclusive attitude to one and all, irrespective of age, race, disability, creed, sexuality or gender. We nurture a culture of friendship, honesty and generosity.
  • At Kings’ School, we value democracy and individual liberty through a culture which celebrates our diversity and teaches about responsibilities, rights, personal integrity, duties and citizenship; through numerous opportunities to voice our opinions; through the promotion of resilience and self-control; through the achievement of the highest academic standards and levels of personal development; through the vast number of clubs and extra-curricular activities; through the opportunities to participate in off-site visits and trips; through the wide range of subject choices available.
  • At Kings’ School, we value the rule of law through our traditional ethos and clearly set boundaries, which keep us all safe; through a shared understanding of a classroom and school-wide code of conduct; through the accountability and enthusiasm demonstrated by all our governors, teaching and support staff, parents, guardians, carers and pupils; through wearing our uniform with confidence and pride.

School Rules

The highest standards of personal behaviour are expected from pupils both in school and on the way to and from school and in other school activities.

  • Unless permission has been given, pupils must not leave the school premises during the school day.
  • When moving around the school, pupils should walk quietly, keeping to the one-way system. Running is only permitted on the fields and play courts.
  • In fine weather, pupils should remain outside before 8.45 am and at lunchtimes, unless they are in a designated eating area or making their way to see a member of staff.
  • Valuable items should not be brought into school unless they are absolutely essential; any such items remain the responsibility of the pupil and should be kept out of sight.
  • Mobile phones should be kept switched off and must be out of sight from the point that pupils enter school site in the morning until 3.15 pm, unless they are being used with staff permission.
  • Pupils are not allowed to listen to music using their own headphones at any time whilst on school site.
  • Motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and skateboards must not be brought into school.
  • Food should be consumed in the designated eating areas only or outside the buildings. Food should only be eaten in the classrooms during ‘wet break’.
  • Pupils must not bring alcohol, recreational drugs, solvents, energy drinks or large bottles of fizzy drinks into school.
  • Prescribed medicines (other than inhalers and epi-pens) must be handed in for safe-keeping. Other medicines must only be brought into school with parental permission; pupils must never give medicines to other pupils.
  • Smoking and “vaping” are not permitted in school or on the way to and from school. The possession of cigarettes/e-cigarettes, matches and lighters is not allowed at any point whilst in school uniform.
  • Chewing gum is banned and should not be brought into school.
  • Dangerous items such as knives, laser pens etc. must not be brought into school.
  • All types of aggressive behaviour, whether verbal or physical, are not allowed.
  • Pupils must not go into the following areas, which are out of bounds:
    • The school fields, during winter
    • Behind the Bradbury Wing
    • The ‘dip’
    • Parking areas
  • Outdoor garments should not be worn during lessons.
  • Pupils are not allowed to eat sweets/food during lessons.
  • Pupils should ensure that litter is placed in bins and recycled where possible.

7 Habits

At Kings’ we are not only proud of our academic achievements but also of the excellent level of pastoral care we give to ensure our pupils are both happy and successful in school.

We believe in a holistic approach to a child’s education and want to help the young people entrusted in our care to grow in both confidence and character. We want them to develop a greater sense of their own identity and self-worth and to improve their ability to communicate effectively. This will help them become more resilient and better equipped to cope with any challenges life may throw at them.

One of the ways we are doing this at Kings’ is by teaching our young people a set of strategies / principles known as the 7 Habits. You may be familiar with the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by Steven Covey.

We are the first state secondary school in the UK to start teaching the Habits. Since then we have lead the way in helping our young people develop their emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience.  We have worked closely with Lorraine Lee, a well-respected parent coach, and used her expertise in child brain development to design our own personal development programme based on the 7 Habits.

The Habits however, are not just useful for teenagers, but can also be helpful for adults too. Being able to discuss the habits with your child at home and helping them apply them in everyday life could be very beneficial.  In addition to this, if you would like to read more about the Habits then you might be interested in reading the following books:

“The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” By Sean Covey (Target Age 4-11)

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers” By Sean Covey (Target Age 11-19)

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families” By Steven Covey


Eco Schools

The Eco Team have been very busy again this year. Firstly, we have recruited some new members of the team from across the year groups who have been involved in overseeing the introduction of new dual recycling and general waste bins in the courtyard. The team took part in assemblies to educate the school in how to use these and encourage recycling across the school. Alongside this we ran an eco quiz in the notice bulletin, a week of eco themed thoughts for the day and put up new banners around the school. We also held a very well attended House Litter Pick in November which made a big difference to the school site. In the spring and summer terms tutor groups also carried out litter picks during tutor times. At the may fayre parents as well as pupils were invited to join us for a litter pick on the school grounds and in the surrounding areas.

On the transport front, in the autumn term we sent home a park and stride map to parents to encourage those people who come to school by car to park a little further away and walk the last part of their journey. We also saw one of the bike sheds moved to the back of school to make it easier for those pupils who wish to cycle in from that direction. We also carried out another travel to school survey and we were pleased to find that there has been an increase in the numbers of pupils using more sustainable forms of transport to school.

The Eco Team took part in switch off fortnight in November and went on walks around the school at lunchtime and after school switching off lights and putting up stickers to remind people to switch off lights and other electrical devices when not in use.

A small number of the Eco Team also went to John Keble Primary school in Hursley and did an assembly on how we achieved our Green Flag status and to inspire them to do the same. We also helped establish an Eco noticeboard and improved classroom recycling facilities, working alongside their Eco team

This spring we have had the recycling with Michael, House clothing recycling challenge, catalogue recycling, unwanted textbook collections and a staff book swap. We are also pleased to say that the school blazers are now made of recycled plastics and the canteen is phasing out the use of the takeaway polystyrene boxes and pupils are now using their own containers instead.

Around the school grounds bird boxes have been put in place and the aim is to install some cameras so the progress of inhabitants can be monitored on the plasma screen in the foyer. We also have some members of the Eco Team on the Quad regeneration committee and as a result of this the new seating and staging areas have been made from recycled bottles.

We have applied to renew our Eco School green flag award and in June we will be holding an Eco Week to celebrate all the strides we have made this year and to continue to encourage more pupils to get involved.