Sports Results Week Ending 11th January 2020

Sports News


There are plenty of results to report this week:


Team Opponents Fixture Type Result Player of the Game
U16 Boys’ Hockey Bedales Friendly Won 3-0 Will Hart
U14 Girls’ Basketball Test Valley Southampton League Won 39-2 Grace Tugwell
U14 Boys’ Hockey Perins Friendly Won 8-2 Nicholas Moore
U12 Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Won 4-1 Cecily Wilson
U13 Girls Hockey Perins Friendly Drew 5-5 Rosie Hodgkinson
U12 Girls Hockey Godolphin Friendly Lost 4-0 Emma Williams
U13 Girls Hockey Godolphin Friendly Won 1-0 Izzy Marks
U14 Girls Hockey KES Friendly Lost 3-1 Viv Scriminger
U15 Girls Hockey KES Friendly Drew 0-0 Maya Chakraborty
U12 Girls A Hockey KES Friendly Won 2-0 Amelie Carter
U12 Girls B Hockey KES Friendly Won 1-0 Maisie Bamber Brown
U12 Girls Hockey PGS Festival Won 1-0 Bea Eaton
U12 Girls Hockey Forres Sandle Festival Lost 2-0 Belle Hurran
U12 Girls Hockey Perins Festival Lost 1-0 Imogen Potts
U12 Girls Hockey Westgate Festival Won 1-0 Amelie Carter
U12 Girls Hockey Farnborough Hill Festival Won 1-0 Emma Williams
U12 Girls Hockey Island Free Festival Lost 1-0 Heidi Duke
U12 Girls Hockey Alton Festival Lost 1-0 Cecily Wilson
U13 Girls Hockey Farnborough Hill IN2HOCKEY Lost 1-0 Laura Hart
U13 Girls Hockey PGS IN2HOCKEY Lost 3-0 Heather Williams
U13 Girls Hockey Westhill IN2HOCKEY Lost 4-0 Eva Hartridge
U13 Girls Hockey  LWC IN2HOCKEY Lost 1-0 Esther Chainey
U13 Boys ‘B’ Football Perins Friendly Drew 1-1 Tino Mashoko